Platinum Professional Financial Traders Strike again. The Platinum Trading System was initially developed for professional traders and is available to trade on the six Major Forex Pairs and two previous carry trade pairs such as the EUR/JPY and GBP/JPY. It also has some amazing Dow Jones Trading Strategies that will instill confidence in day traders who would like to trade indices.

At Platinum, We trade forex, Indices and Commodities and have a live trading floor which you can take advantage of should you become a premium member. So let us talk about our trade of the day. And please read all the way to the end as I would like to show you live trading on the Dow Jones and gold on our free forex Mentoring session which you sign up to on this link at the end.

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The Phenomenal day trades taken this week by our commodity and indices traders were on the DOW (DJ30) and Gold ( XAU/USD). These day trading strategies made exceptional gain in pips and points and these are literally set and forget strategies when you master trading.

The trades provided could have been placed around any job or lifestyle as they were simple pending orders placed at the start of the day. If you would like to trade the forex market or learn to trade indices and commodities and generate a secondary income then please go to our website and sign up to our free consultation and also stay informed via our forex blogs about our currency analysis.

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I have been a forex trader for almost 5 years now and have learned a lot by following institutional trading strategies. Please feel free to connect with me or any of the members of my team on LinkedIn or follow us on Forex twitter Group. Have a great day and lets profit together!

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