“Just a note to say how much I have enjoyed the Platinum forex training with Russell, it has been an education taught in a no-nonsense manner, no fluff, just straightforward knowledge, which has helped me to see the market from a completely different perspective. Russell’s guidance has been invaluable, along with the Platinum Trading System. I am now taking trades I would never have taken with my old knowledge, and the advice from Russell to practice, practise, practice, and then do some more practice has been the way forward for me. The system has worked very well for me even in the wild times we are having now, I would not hesitate to recommend Platinum to anyone thinking of trading, as it will stop new traders from making expensive mistakes. My only gripe is MT4, you have to have the eyesight of a sniper to see the figures, but I have just transferred the levels on to a platform I can see clearly, so it is not too much of a problem, Thank you all for your time and patience with me in the run up to joining, and I look forward to many more good trading days.”

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