Beginner eBook

Learning to trade for a beginner can be quite a feat unless you get the correct guidance from the very start. At Platinum, we have taken over 20 years to perfect the art of trading, and our aim via this beginner’s guide is to welcome individuals from all walks of life to embark upon the journey of learning how to trade currencies. Our beginner’s guide is a definitive manual covering all the aspects of forex and trading in general. This book is definitely a good read for those who would like to learn how to trade from scratch!

"I had to previously stop trading due to my losses, but i felt i wanted to start and thought where better then with a professional trading education. They have truly opened my eyes to trading professionally and provided me with all the abilities to do so."

"Platinum Trading Academy is an excellent education service with professional mentors and traders who genuinely care whether we succeed. They have supported me throughout my training and have even given me support after i had completed my training. The one to one support is really what sold me and is the true key to learning successfully."

"My biggest achievement in trading is joining Platinum as i had tried everything before, i had used every indicator out there and experimented with timeframes but nothing worked. Once i joined Platinum trading was made clear and easy to understand. The best decision i have made in my trading career. Would recommend anyone looking to trade correctly to come and join Platinum Trading Academy."

"My mentor has been fantastic and has given me so much confidence with my trading. After being very skeptical in investing with Platinum, I was made to feel welcome. Having finished 10 one to one sessions, I have doubled my demo account and now ready to start going live. The Platinum Trading Academy has given me the confidence to do this. Recommended to various friends."

"I found Platinum’s Online trading academy is a great experience, I’ve been on 1 and 2 day courses in the past. Platinum is nothing like that, they have a weekly set up with you and a forex mentor to go through new analysis topics and feedback on trades. It was a well-structured plan and I feel like I can approach the markets with a better understanding."

"Forex trading is tough, I know it from trying to do it for so many years. I had been following the Platinum Trading Academy for a couple of years and finally took the plunge into their program this year. I have to say the mentoring and teaching is ideal for me, I work full time so needed it to work around my job. The forex mentors personalised their teaching to me which now allows me to do analysis and trade around my job to bring me in healthy returns. The last 6 months have returned 40% on my capital, I’m astounded as I was breaking even and making losses for so long before this."

"I took the option of the forex master’s program with Platinum, the fee isn’t small but it was well worth it. The personal mentors helped me learn from scratch, it’s a great beginner trading course as well as an advanced one. Learn how to trade like the institutions is Platinum’s motto and they certainly do what they say!"

"The forex trading strategies used at the Platinum Trading Academy are easy to implement and this was the real key for me. I had used so many indicators in the past and found nothing worked consistently, the day Platinum told me to stop using them and focus on their price action techniques I truly saw why the markets moved the way they did. Don’t be fooled into learning about indicators guys, Platinum is the real deal. I was sceptical at first but after the way of teaching and results it was apparent they know what they are talking about."

"I had been trading for about 2 years with mixed results before I joined the Platinum Trading Academy. I made all the rookie mistakes of following indicators, trading on short time frames etc. The Platinum online trading academy showed me the error of my ways and put me on the correct track to success, if you want to learn how to trade like a professional there’s no need to learn anywhere else. Just want to say thank you to my forex mentor, he was very patient with me and helped me learn at a pace that was suitable for me."

"Platinum’s online trading academy was a very professional outfit, far more professional then anyone I had spoken to from other educational providers. They don’t sell you a fantasy like the rest, I got honest training from honest forex mentors with real results. I am currently returning approx. 5-8% monthly and absolutely thrilled."

"Thanks for my forex mentor, he was very patient with me. I know I am a slow learner and he let me learn at the pace that was required for me. The trading course was excellent with very ongoing analysis being provided with no extra cost! Its win-win in terms of joining, would highly recommend joining this online trading academy."

"I have been with Platinum’s online trading academy for around 4 months now, I have since completed my 1 to 1 training with my forex mentor. I am writing this review to commend the professionalism of the mentors and the company. From the very start I dealt with true professional and am very grateful that I now have the knowledge to go out and make profits from the trading strategies consistently."

"I found my experience at the Platinum Trading Academy to be excellent, it has allowed me to produce a secondary income as well as the independence to trade myself without the need for others. Their trading strategies are consistent and have been working well for the past 7 months."

"When I first joined the Platinum Trading Academy's Forex trading course I knew I made the right choice as I have had very professional training from the start. I had struggled for many years trading the forex market but now I have the ability to trade profitably with their online forex trading academy."

"Like a lot of people, I went on previous 2 day forex courses with other companies, I got nothing from them. I only realised after that this is not something you can learn by cramming it all in, Platinum Trading Academy taught me each week for a sustained period of time until the information sunk in, and now I wish I had found them at the earlier."

"I feel everyone should be trading with Platinum, I feel lucky to have found them. It seems everyone gets sucked into these companies selling them a dream. Platinum was straight to the point and told me my realistic expectations. I appreciated the honesty compared to the rest, I have not been disappointed. I got what they said I would get which is great one on one forex mentoring and professional forex analysis, it's been a breath of fresh air."

"I am thankful for Platinum Trading Academy and their team, i have received everything i could have asked for. It has truly been a pleasurable experience and have already recommended friends to join."

"I found the Platinum online trading academy’s experience overall to be very good, far better than I have experienced elsewhere. It is certainly the trading course I am most grateful for finding."

"The forex training and forex analysis Platinum have provided to me so far has been very good, I have been on aboard now for 4 months and have already introduced 2 friends which have joined too."

"The trading analysis has been superb along with the professional forex mentors has been a smooth experience so far. I’m now earning a part time income and enjoying each day doing my own analysis and making trades."

"I’ve been learning how to trade forex with Platinum now for 3 months, my mentoring is still going and having weekly check ins with my forex mentor. The weekly appointments are really helpful and done online so I can do them from the office or home. Used both the swing trading and day trading strategies whilst working full time."

"The Platinum Training sessions were TOP notch. The instructor was a professional forex trader who taught “how to become an effective, patient and profitable trader”. The honest feedback/approach during these sessions was best expressed by “what were you thinking when you made that trade”.

"Joining the Platinum Trading Academy was an important step into the world of trading and I am happy I took that step. My mentor/trainer, Russell Gordon, taught me the rules and principles of trading and his way of teaching made me more passionate about this journey than I was at the start. I like his no-nonsense style and the way he makes this complicated material easy to understand. Thanks a million, Russell!"

"I have been trading now for 13 weeks (should probably have not traded during the December Christmas/New Year time..) lesson learned there. So after 1/3 of a year of trading my account is up 89%.. averaging 17% per month. I agree on 2 of your major points to me.. 1. Patience is critical and having confidence in my setup and execution. 2. Use the Forex factory to my advantage. Knowing when to be and more importantly when to be out. Again thanks for your insights and assistance."