Forex Trading Courses

Our courses will not make you a millionaire in 3 months, 6 months, or a year. They will however help you to create a brand-new and consistent revenue stream using trading techniques that have been tried and tested by institutional traders and hedge funds for decades.

The Principle of Compounding Interest

The techniques you learn will allow you to use this new revenue stream to reinvest into your trading, growing that snowball of capital to a size where you feel comfortable enough to start drawing down a consistent income.

We will teach you two styles of trading on our forex courses:

  • Forex Factory Filter Menu The first style involves placing pending orders in the morning which will play out throughout the day. These are set-and-forget trades that require absolutely no intervention once placed.
  • Forex Factory Filter Menu The second style is a more hands-on approach to the markets and will allow you to take advantage of ongoing price action throughout the day, provided you are able to access the markets.

Combining these two styles and allowing your trading account to grow is what will help you not only achieve your goal, but exceed your goal.

What sets us apart from the competition?

We are the complete package. Plain and simple. Our competitors typically only provide one or two of the four core services we offer, and often nowhere near the quality.

We provide expert market analysis through our exclusive Trading Floor, only available to members of our trading academy. Second to this is our one-of-a-kind Trading System, which has helped a great number of traders find stability and confidence in their trading. Thirdly, our mentoring, provided by actual traders who consistently make money in the markets, our mentors each have over 10 years of trading experience as a minimum, and are eager to pass on what they have learned to other traders with the ambition to learn and succeed in the markets. Lastly, we provide ongoing support for life, it doesnot matter when you completed your trading course with us, whether it be yesterday, or 10 years ago, if you need our support, we are there for you. Many so-called ‘trading academies’ leave their students out to dry once they’ve finished their course, but not us. We care about you and your future, so we will be there for you every step of the way.

This is what sets us apart, and this is what makes us the ideal choice for traders with the drive and ambition to succeed.

The Platinum Trading Floor

So, what is the Platinum Trading Floor? What is included in our Market Analysis?

There is a great dealincluded in our Trading Floor, so let us break it down into a few categories.

Forex Factory Filter MenuWe have our Long-Term Analysis. This is where we outline our expectations for the currency markets in the coming week/s. We take an in-depth look at the markets themselves, and anything that is expected to have an impact in the coming future. This includes global developments or events, as well as other markets that may create volatility within the forex market.

Forex Factory Filter MenuWe have our Daily Chart Analysis. Every weekend we conduct rigorous technical analysis on the Daily timeframe of the major pairs and outline the key trading levels that you should be aware of throughout the coming week. These levels are where the market will be most likely to shift or reverse, depending on what happens to be influencing the markets on any given day. You will have clearly marked support and resistance ranges based on both recent and historical levels.

Forex Factory Filter MenuYou will find our Platinum Predicted Highs and Lows of the Day. This is just a simple table that is updated every single morning. It will show the maximum and minimum price that we think any given currency pair will reach during that day. These obviously are not guaranteed, and high impact news events can often smash through these levels if their results are unexpected, however, they are a good gauge of where the marketsmay find their limit.

Forex Factory Filter MenuA reminder of our Platinum Trading Methodology. This is your trading bible, your market commandments if you will. So long as you stick to the Platinum Methodology, your risk will be minimised. If you deviate from this methodology and go against our teachings, you are opening yourself up to undue risk. We have been in the markets for over 60 years collectively, trust us when we say we know what we are talking about.

Forex Factory Filter MenuYou will find our combined technical and fundamental analysis for the 7 major pairs: USD/JPY; EUR/USD; GBP/USD; AUD/USD; USD/CAD; USD/CHF; NZD/USD. This analysis will give you clearly defined levels as well as a clear understanding of events either upcoming or ongoing that will have influence on prices. With this information you will be able to trade these pairs with certainty and confidence.

Forex Factory Filter MenuWe outline the major Forex News that will be ongoing through the week. These events will often have a large impact on markets, so it’s important that you take note of when they’re due to be released, as well as the currency pairs that they will impact, so that you can either set up your trades to take advantage of the increased volatility that’s expected of high impact events, or conversely, so you can ensure you have no trades open when the news hits.

At the very bottom of the page, you will find a scrolling currency ticker, keeping you up to date with all the current market prices, ensuring that you do not miss a thing. You will also find some helpful links on the right-hand side of this page, including a link directly to the live Bloomberg broadcast.

The Platinum Trading System

Our Forex Trading System is truly one-of-a-kind. Nowhere on the markets will you find such a clearly defined system to assist you with your trading.

To the untrained eye, it might look like a simple support and resistance indicator. However, combineour system with our exclusive trading strategies, as well as our second-to-none mentoring, and the system becomes a powerful tool that even professional traders covet.

Wondering what you can trade with the assistance of our system? Well, our trading system supports 18 individual instruments:

Currency Pairs

Major Pairs








Minor Pairs






Other Instruments


US30/DJ30 (Dow Jones)






XAU/USD (Gold)

The Platinum Trading Mentors

So, what makes our mentors so much better than other mentors in the market?

Our mentors must go through a rigorous vetting process in order for us to even consider hiring them. We analyse their trading history and proceed toset them various trading-related tasks to complete.

Forex Factory Filter Menu
Our mentors must have at least a 10-year trading history, and an exemplary record for the past 5 years as a minimum while also passing every trading-related task we have set. A single failure will result in their application being denied. We only accept the best traders to be our mentors and have had to turn away countless traders who simply did not live up to our standards.

Forex Factory Filter Menu
But can they teach?
Once we’ve ascertained their professionalism as a trader and are confident in their trading ability, we move onto their ability to mentor others. We provide them with several lesson plans and conduct a pseudo-lesson to ensure they are able to explain concepts in a concise and engaging manner. If they have any difficulties or areas that need improvement, we work together to ensure they are ironed out before moving on to the next stage.

Forex Factory Filter Menu
Becoming a Platinum Mentor
Once we are certain they can both trade profitably, consistently, and are also able to teach others various trading concepts and techniques, we put them through a course of our own, teaching them our curriculum, strategies, and methodology.

Once that’s complete, we give them one final mock-lesson with one of our most complicated techniques and strategies to ensure they are ready to teach our students.

That is why our mentors will always beat the competition.

The Platinum Trading Methodology

Our methodology hasn’t changed in the decade we’ve been teaching in the industry.

Why? It’s simple:If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Since our inception, we’ve been teaching people how to trade the markets in the same way an institutional trader would. Institutional traders are the real money-makers in the forex industry. It’s not just because of tighter spreads or a lack of ‘slippage’ that a lot of successful retail traders face, it’s their methodology, their approach to the markets, and above all, their experience.

Our methodology follows a similar path. We teach you our techniques to allow you to perform at your best. We give you a concrete risk-management strategy which must always be adhered to. We give you the knowledge to set up trades with a higher opportunity for success. We ensure you enter trades for the right reasons, the logical reasons, and safeguard you from making trades based on emotion, or ‘hunches’ that have caused the downfall of thousands of traders before you.

With our methodology you will have the patience, the logic, and the risk-averse attitude to keep your account safe whilegiving it the greatest chance to grow.

Lifetime Support from The Platinum Team

Yes, you read that right. We give you LIFETIME support. Not 1 year, not 2, not 20, but forever.

With support agents well-versed in computing, MetaTrader, and the Platinum Trading System, we can ensure your trading is un-hindered by those dreaded technical issues that always seem to arise when they are least welcome.

Simply get in contact and we’ll be on the case to have your trading desk up and running again in no time. We want you to succeed, and we won’t let those pesky computers or programs get in your way!



Our Forex Foundation Course is specifically designed to help make trading easier for beginners.

However, we expect the students of our Foundation Course to have a certain amount of base-knowledge. This is to ensure you get the best value out of your mentoring sessions, we would not want to spend an hour teaching you about the difference between pips, points, and ticks, or what a bid/ask spread is for example.

In order to ensure you are ready for your first mentoring session, we will give you a short multiple-choice question sheet. If you get any wrong, we will simply point you in the right direction and give you the resources to learn and understand the correct answer.

Once you have completed the course, you will be able to navigate and trade the markets with precision. Youwillbe able to pick out trading opportunities and discern which trades are worth taking, and which carry too high a risk to consider. You will understand what moves the markets, and when the best opportunities arise.

Many traders who go it alone take a great number of years just to reach a consistently profitable stage in their trading careers. With our Foundation Course, those years become months, possibly even weeks.


In our Foundation Course, you will receive a total of 7 mentoring sessions, each one spanning an hour. These sessions will be completed over a minimum of 7 weeks, with one session per week. This is to ensure you are able to put what you have learned into practice in a live market over the course of a trading week.

You will also be expected to complete Homework so that we can ensure you have understood the lesson entirely before we move onto the next.

Forex Factory Filter MenuPlatinum’s Trading Resources :

With our Foundation Course, you will have full access to our Platinum Trading Floor, and our Platinum Trading System for life.

No additional costs. No subscriptions. No hidden fees.

Full access for life.

Forex Factory Filter MenuPricing
All of this is available to you for a simple one-off cost of £1,500

Considering everything that is included in our Foundation Course, we challenge you to find better value in the market.



Our Forex Masters Course is specialised in taking traders who are either breaking even or are only slightly over the profit line, to the next level.

You must have a general understanding of the Forex market in order to enrol. Just like our Foundation Course, you will receive a short multiple-choice question sheet so that we can assess if you’re ready for your first session. If you are unable to answer some of the questions, we will point you in the right direction. If you are unable to answer most of the questions, we will recommend taking our Foundation Course first so that we can ensure you are at the appropriate level to undertake our Masters Course.

Once you have completed our Masters Course you will be trading currencies, commodities, and indices with absolute confidence. You will have learned institutional-level charting techniques and will be able to trade around news-events like a professional when most traders will be standing back for fear of extreme volatility. Not only will you understand what moves the markets, you’ll have the ability to predict where markets will move to, and where they might reverse with unparalleled accuracy.

You will be ahead of the pack, leaving the vast majority of retail traders in the dust. Forging your own path and securing both your financial future and independence.


In our Masters Course, you will receive a total of 12 mentoring sessions, each one spanning an hour. These sessions will be completed over a minimum of 12 weeks, with one session per week. This is to ensure you are able to put what you have learned into practice in a live market over the course of a trading week.

Just like the Foundation Course, you will be expected to complete Homework so that we can ensure you have understood the lesson entirely before moving onto the next.

Forex Factory Filter MenuPlatinum’s Trading Resources :

With our MastersCourse, you will also have full access to our Platinum Trading Floor, and our Platinum Trading System for life.

No additional costs. No subscriptions. No hidden fees.

Full access for life.

Forex Factory Filter MenuPricing
All of this is available to you for a simple one-off cost of £2,995.

This course is a major step-up from our Foundation Course and offers you a vast amount of trading knowledge and expertise which simply cannot be found anywhere else on the market.



Our Elite Course is the one you should choose if your end-goal is to manage other people’s capital.

While teaching you our techniques and strategies, you’ll be learning additional materials in order to use them in the same way a hedge-fund manager would, this is to ensure you comply with the various requirements and regulations that a fund manager is beholden to.

It’s not easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult.

Once you’ve completed this course, not only will you be able to trade profitably and consistently, but you’ll also have the know-how to manage other people’s capital, as well as how to find and vet potential investors.


In our Elite Course, you will receive a total of 20 mentoring sessions from one of our top-performing mentors, each one spanning an hour. These sessions will be completed over a minimum of 20 weeks, with one session per week. This is to ensure you are able to put what you have learned into practice in a live market over the course of a trading week.

Just like the Foundation and Masters Course, you will be expected to complete Homework so that we can ensure you have understood the lesson entirely before moving onto the next.

Forex Factory Filter MenuPlatinum’s Trading Resources :

With our Elite Course, you will also have full access to our Platinum Trading Floor, and our Platinum Trading System for life.

No additional costs. No subscriptions. No hidden fees.

Full access for life.

Forex Factory Filter MenuPricing
All of this is available to you for a simple one-off cost of £4,995.

This course is a major step-up from our Masters Course, and a monumental step-up from our Foundation Course. It offers you a vast amount of trading knowledge and expertise, as well as the skills and requirements necessary to become a fund manager, which simply cannot be found anywhere else on the market.

Do you need to go through a Forex Trading Course to become a profitable Forex Trader?

There’s a sad statistic that you should be aware of as a trader. Over 80% of retail traders in the forex market are simply not profitable.

However, over 90% of traders who have learned from The Platinum Trading Academy are consistently profitable.

Forex Factory Filter MenuWhat differentiates a retail trader from a Platinum trader?

Retail traders will often start out learning the basics from various sources like Google, or YouTube, and will then go on to find some kind of educator or signal service. Unfortunately, these educators and signal services still fall within the scope of the 80% that fail. They’re not making money from the markets, and so they instead make money from prospective traders eager to learn and make money from the markets. We have spoken with people who have spent £10,000 to even £30,000 on such courses and signal services and are still barely managing to break even.

Forex Factory Filter MenuBut we’re just an educator, right? So, what makes us any different?

Simple. We may have started out as retail traders and forex enthusiasts, but our founder and top-tier traders have all worked in trading institutions and seen behind the curtain of the corporate trading world. Platinum became what it is today from the simple idea that the market isn’t fair. Too much money is being sucked up from retail traders and is landing in the pockets of the big-money institutions.

A lot of us started from nothing and we respect the grind that the little guy puts in just to reach the starting line.

We’ll impart our institutional-level knowledge onto you so that you have the greatest chance of success in the markets. So, in short: You don’t necessarily need to go through a Forex Trading Course to become a profitable trader but doing so with the right educator will propel you towards the level of successthat could take you well over a decade to achieve on your own.

Pairing this with the principle of compounding interest, the sooner you’re consistently profitable, the sooner you can get that snowball rolling and growing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and No. Forex Trading Courses are only worth it if you’re learning from a trader who has traded professionally in the markets.

There are countless traders out there who aren’t profitable but are taking it upon themselves to teach their failures to others for a price in order to make up for their losses.

A professional trader will be more than happy to show you their trading record so you can be certain that they are profitable, and consistently so.

Quick-fix courses with low costs oftentimes aren’t worth it, you’ll simply get what you pay for. A trader’s time is valuable to them, the time they spend teaching you could be time trading the markets, so they would be looking to ensure they’re not losing out on profitable opportunities by giving you that time.

Forex Trading has infinite potential, but that doesn’t mean that you can multiply your account several times over in a short time. Growing an account takes a great deal of patience and discipline. It will need time to grow to a substantial amount.

A lot of times on social media, you might see traders boasting 200% returns, or 20% monthly returns, just ridiculous figures that don’t reflect the reality of professional trading.

The best trading funds in the world average between 40-43% returnson an annual basis, which is a magnificent return on investment. This is the top-end and requires vast knowledge of the markets.

It’s important you keep realistic expectations for trading. Yes, it can make you rich, but it’s not going to happen overnight, and it’s not going to happen in the next year or two.

Be prepared to work at it.

There are a few misconceptions in the markets, for instance that you either need a vast amount to get started, or that you can start with very very little. The truth of the matter is both of these aren’t necessarily correct.

A lot of traders will start with a few hundred dollars or pound sterling and will see their accounts fail quickly due to the inability to lower leverage enough to a point where risk can be effectively managed.

This is one of the core reasons that we provide you with a fully funded trading account so that you are able to trade the markets with enough skin in the game to make a profit while not over-leveraging and risking your account being wiped out.

If you were to trade your own capital. We’d recommend no less than £1,000/$1,000, depending on your country of origin.

This question depends entirely on your level of capital as you will need to employ wise risk management techniques. These will require you to have a low level of market exposure, which means that your potential returns would also be lower. This is the correct way to trade for the long-term and to best protect your initial capital to ensure you can live off the interest accrued through your trading activities.

However, if you have a lower-value account that you can’t feasibly live off of, then it just means you’ll need to trade without making any withdrawals until you accrue enough compound interest to reachthe point where you can live off of your monthly returns.

The broker is the middleman between you and the markets. Unfortunately, unlike with many aspects of life, this middleman cannot be worked around.

Brokers are necessary, and they are mandatory.

So how do you choose the right one? Firstly, you should ensure that your broker is officially regulated by the country in which you are trading from. For instance, in the UK, the broker you choose should be regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).

Here is a breakdown of each country as well as their corresponding regulatory body:

Australia - ASIC: Australian Securities and Investments Commission Germany - BaFin: German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority United States - CFTC/NFA: United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission / United States National Futures Association Cayman Islands - CIMA: Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Spain - CNMV: Spanish National Securities Market Commission Luxembourg - CSSF: Luxembourg Financial Sector Supervisory Commission Cyprus - CySEC: Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission Dubai - DFSA: Dubai Financial Services Authority Estonia - EFSA: Estonian Financial Supervision Authority United Kingdom - FCA: United Kingdom Financial Conduct Authority Switzerland - FINMA: Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority New Zealand - FMA: New Zealand Financial Markets Authority Austria - FMA(AT): Austrian Financial Markets Authority Canada - IIROC: Investment Industry Regulatory Organisation of Canada Japan - JFSA: Japanese Financial Services Agency Singapore - MAS: Monetary Authority of Singapore Malta - MFSA: Malta Financial Services Authority

Forex can be traded anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection and a device capable of trading, you can place, and close trades at will.

There are some countries where forex trading is not permitted, so be sure to check the local laws and regulations around forex before placing trades.

In order to make money from the forex markets, you need to have a proven strategy and the discipline required to apply it effectively. Market conditions can often change overwhelmingly every few years or less, and so some strategies and forex gurus with often lose their ability to profit and the tides change against them.

If you have a strategy, it’s important to ensure it is successful for over 6 years to ensure it can survive these changes in the market.

Currencies around the globe fluctuate in price when compared to each other, it’s this fluctuation that creates opportunities for profiting. However, it’s difficult to make a decent amount of money without trading with a vast amount of capital. This is why brokers provide leverage. Leverage allows you to trade far beyond what you would usually be able to, boosting your effective capital many times over.

This takes your potential gains and losses from pennies to tens, hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of pounds/dollars. Say the broker lends you 100,000, you place a trade, and it goes in your favour, that 100,000 now stands at 100,250. You give back that 100,000 to the broker and keep the extra 250 for yourself. Similarly, if the trade goes against you and that 100,000 now stands at 99,750, you give back that 99,750 as well as an extra 250 from your own pocket to ensure the broker gets the full 100,000 back.

You’ll never actually receive the 100,000 to trade with from the broker, it is simply registered as Leverage. The above is just a brief explanation on how leverage operates. It’s this ability to trade beyond your usual means that makes forex trading possible, lucrative, and desirable. This is why people trade forex.

Getting started with trading the forex markets isn’t necessarily difficult. In order to place your first trade, you just need a device in which to trade on (these days you can trade on your smart phone), capital with which to trade, and an internet connection.

However, if you would like to start trading the correct way there’s a couple more elements to add to the above list: Time, and a Mentor.

Analysing the markets takes time, it’s not a good idea to start placing trades without first figuring out why that trade is viable. Second to this, it’s not a good idea to start analysing the markets without knowing which analysis works, and which doesn’t. In order to analyse the markets effectively, you need a mentor who has been in the markets for a long time with a proven track record so that you can ensure you’re learning the correct material.

Once all the above pre-requisites have been fulfilled, you’re ready to trade the markets.

A vast majority lose money, the approximate figure hovers around the 80% mark. However, this doesn’t mean that 20% are making money. There are a great number of that 20% that are simply breaking even or taking minimal losses. The percentage that actually make money, is likely in the single figures.

The best way to make sure you are in this single-figure percentage, is to learn from those who are already in that single-figure percentage. Your mentor should be able to prove a positive and consistent track record, and if they can’t, they are in that 80%+ that lose, and are trying to make those losses up by teaching you their incorrect techniques.

Don’t fall for the trap. Ensure your prospective mentor knows what they’re talking about before even considering them to be your teacher.

There are a few costs associated with trading the forex market.

The first and most obvious cost is your trading capital. This is the amount that you’ll put into your trading account and use to make trades.

The second and most important cost is the price of your mentorship. You may be thinking that you can simply start trading and you’ll make up the cost of mentorship through your success, but unfortunately you cannot succeed on gut instinct or basic understanding alone. In order to be successful and consistently profitable, you need to learn how to trade from someone who does it for a living.

The third cost depends on the type of trading account you have, whether you pay your broker in commission, or if you’re given a wider bid/ask spread.

The fourth cost would only apply depending on the trades you have open overnight, these are called ‘Overnight Holding Charges’.

As you can see there are a few costs to be aware of when trading, however if you’re successful, these costs are incredibly manageable. Before you start trading for real, get yourself set up on a demo account and trade it until you’re consistently profitable for 6+ months. If you can get to that level of consistency, then you can open a real account and try your hand at the markets.

Withdrawing capital from your trading account is a relatively simple process, and it can take anywhere from 2 hours to 3 working days depending on your broker, and the amount of capital you’re withdrawing.

Checking withdrawal times should be one of the things you look at before deciding on a brokerage.

In Forex, there is no subscription fee for having an account.

Some companies will offer advanced instruments for an additional cost. However, we recommend if you are just starting out, it is much more beneficial to learn and use MetaTrader as a standard.

The forex markets open at 9pm on Sunday (UK Time) and close again at 9pm on Friday (UK Time).

These are affected by daylight savings, hence there is no select time zone that can be adhered to as the time changes. Ensure you are aware of any time differences between your active time zone and the active time zone of the United Kingdom.

The markets are also closed on Bank Holidays.

Not necessarily. Some brokers have online platforms that you can use, and if you want to trade from your phone or other mobile device, that is also possible. However, we recommend using MetaTrader 4 as you will have a lot of analysis that you will want to apply to your charts, and a lot of online platforms won’t keep your analysis on their charts.

If you don’t feel comfortable installing software on your computer, we can provide you with a virtual machine that you can work from, you would need to connect to it through your computer, and then would just continue as you usually would.

We also have a fully equipped technical team on standby to help you with any issues that you might face, so you don’t have to worry about any technical mishaps.

When you open a trade, you are doing so at either the bid price, or the ask price. The difference between these two is called the ‘bid/ask spread’, oftentimes just shortened to ‘spread’. These are the prices in which your broker is willing to buy or sell a particular currency pair.

Brokers that have a commission structure will often have a much tighter bid/ask spread ensuring your trades don’t begin at such a loss, however this commission can sometimes cost you more than the bid/ask spread otherwise would.

Depending on your level of capital, a commission account might be more financially beneficial for you when compared to an account beholden to the spread.

Short answer: Yes.

Long Answer: This entirely depends on the type of account you have. A lot of retail accounts will have a margin call and will stop you out before your balance goes negative. However, there are other kinds of accounts that don’t have such a feature, oftentimes however they’re exclusive to higher-capital traders. It’s best to ensure you understand all the fine print of any trading account that you open.

Emotions play a pivotal role in trading. Depending on what mind-set you’re in, your trading can either thrive or suffer.

Without going too deep into psychological trading concepts such as revenge trading, there’s a basic principle surrounding fear & greed. Fear and Greed are oftentimes the greatest influences on a trader’s market sentiment, they are responsible for a whole host of trading mistakes, and any successful trader will have a strong control over these two emotions.

Here is a visual aid to help you better understand the relationship between fear, greed, and trading:

The desire for fast growth with lower-value accounts leads to over-leveraging, which in turn will lead to large losses, creating an emotional imbalance which risks the trader falling into a negative trading cycle racking up loss after loss.

Psychological and emotional control is one of the core differences between winning traders, and everyone else.

Depending on the level you wish to be at, it can take anywhere between 7-20 weeks, this is based solely on the durations of our own courses, as we have devised them in such a way to be the most effective and efficient in getting you to the correct level.

In a word: Expertise.

You’re not learning from people who have spent years trying to learn by themselves, you’re learning from people who have learned from the best and have spent years being successful in the markets. With Platinum, you’re learning from professionals that have been in the industry and worked at some of the top firms in the financial world.

Second to this is all the resources that you will attain by enrolling on one of our courses. You’ll have full access to our Trading Floor & Analysis, as well as our very own Trading System which will give you a newfound confidence in the markets.

You can, but we don’t recommend it right away. Your mentor will help to guide you through the markets, and when they are sure you have the skills and techniques necessary, they will help you start making those first trades.

Yes and no. You’ll learn a lot of analysis techniques, some can be used in other markets, and some are exclusively effective in the forex market. The various risk management techniques you will learn could also be applied to other markets, as well as the discipline that will be instilled in you.

I’d say it’s about a 50-50 overlap, with half of the material you learn being applicable elsewhere, and the other half being exclusively oriented around the forex markets.

Of course, we will, risk management is crucial not only for survival in the markets, but it’s a necessary skill to ensure you thrive as well.

Risk management is one of the core modules that we will teach you, and we will drill our risk management techniques into you until you know them like the back of your hand and follow them religiously.

After our forex trading course, should you show astute risk management skill, you will be offered a funded account from our academy in order for you to get a head-start on building your trading portfolio.