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Success is not something that people are born with or something that once we have it, so we have it for life. Success comes from dedication and hard work. Make no mistake even when you achieve success if you are not continually working on your personal growth and creating new goals for yourself, success will be taken away. Forex for Beginners starts with following these mindsets and values.

Achieving a level of success in any endeavour requires a certain mindset, a clear vision, and massive action. We must see ourselves as successful even before we are. Furthermore, we must believe in our abilities even before we have the ability.


Ask yourself which category you fall into? Are you the 98% that is like everyone else or are you in the 2% that excels at what you put your mind too.

Now ask yourself, do you trade because it is a perfect set up, or are you trading because you feel the urge to be in the markets. This is one of those questions that differentiates the 2% from the 98% and very important for trading in forex for beginners.

You must really take a step back and ask; why am I taking this trade, do I have the correct traders methodology, do the fundamentals line up for trading in the forex for beginners, do the technical’s lineup, am I trading with correct risk management? Professional traders ask these simple questions each and every time they place a trade.

Forex For Beginners

You must have such clarity in the methodology and be clear on the reasons why you are trading the markets, if it’s just a get rich quick scheme, you will almost certainly fail and not good for trading in the forex for beginners. If it’s to generate an extra income to work fewer hours then that is more sustainable than trying to make a million off one or two trades.

We do not trade just because we want to be in the markets we trade when the perfect setup is in front of us. Start learning Forex as beginner to consistent trader.

If you really want to succeed at something you have to go through the process of conditioning yourself to think and act differently. If you want lasting change you have to give up the idea of just trying something and commit to it 100%. You have to decide you’re going to commit to mastery, only those who commit to mastery become the top 2%

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