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Thank you very much to all the new followers and for such lovely comments on Forex trading for the month.

We have a trade that made close to 120 fx Pips within just a matter of 15 mins of getting executed.

We gave this trade on Monday the 18th of October. So let’s understand the actual trade.

At Platinum Forex trading we have 8 Perfect patterns that we study and one the most technical profitable patterns is the bearish wedge pattern.

We have a confirmation of four touches which are decreasing volume at the top and we can see the price is heavily supported by the four touches at the bottom.

Platinum Trading Strategy for this Cross



Fx Currency

This was a perfect example of a breakout trade; please view the chart to see how easy our analysis is to follow.

Today, we want to show you how easy it is to take advantage of the US election and make money in the coming weeks. Now, if you are new to FOREX trading, do not worry please just send me a message and we can show you how easy it is to trade Fx Currency in a Free 30-minute Consultation.

Remember at Platinum, we teach all individuals from different walks of life to become a trader or create a secondary revenue stream.

We have the US election

With the final debate over and a total mess that trump yet again makes with his non complacent policies and erratic behavior in my opinion she wins 3-0.

This is what is going to happen in the Fx Currency markets and the stock markets and trades I believe that will truly make you serious money.

Trade Number 1:

Between the 5th and 10th of November, we should see a currency spike on the dollar index and this will be our buying opportunity on currencies

Trade Number 2:

The Canadian Recession is on its way and believe me personally Cad is going to go to 1.6000 check the date and time of this email 3000 Pips is what is going to be made as a minimum on this trade.

Trade Number 3:

As you know by now Platinum traders are fundamental traders first and I was listening to a meeting with our 8 analysts at Platinum that have previously worked for the top tier banks such as Goldman, UBS and Morgan. They are seeing a 1000 + pip crash on the euro and they say its only months away. The major banks have already started selling and this is pretty evident from COT Report and also our partners at Blue Crest who manage a 650 million pound hedge fund. We are going to take full advantage

of euro and its Crosses and we could be looking at + 1000 pip moves on 6 Euro crosses.

Click here for a video of the breakout strategy in action 120 Pips in 15 min

The volatility on this day was caused due to the ECB press conference and Draghi’s remarks or shall we say avoidance about QE and its effect on Euro. Low and behold we saw Euro drastically weaken yesterday which in turn made our short on the EUR/AUD a beautiful entry.

We also had two beautiful market caps trigger to produce well in excess of 50 Pips, please view the video below to see the trades.

Click here for a video of the Market Cap strategy in action

As most of you know, I always study the fundamentals first for any fx currency and then move on the technical‘s because I believe this gives me a true edge to trading currencies.

We have a belief here at Platinum that –

Perfect Trade = Perfect Fundamental + Perfect Technical Analysis + Perfect Logic + Perfect Risk Management.

So with the above in mind let’s talk about the pip-tastic opportunities that are coming to the Platinum Trading Floor in the month of October.


All trades should have a stop loss, not more than 40 Pips as stated on the chart. Place alerts at these level and watch the profitability in front of your eyes and we can have over a 200 Pips move in one day, so please learn Sell and hold.

So how can you trade the above fundamental events?

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