Good Morning,

Hope the week has been a positive one. This has to be a record-breaking week for Indicies.

We have said before when in doubt learn to stay out. First of all please have a look at our trade of the week and make +100 pips a week.

A Lot of Current traders are thinking about what to do next?

1) Dow Jones has broken 29350-Where do you short or long next? ​​​​​​​Learn our trading strategy for 2020 to trade and make profits on the Dow Jones.

2) GBP/USD is this a double bottom formation is it confirmed or do we short sell because of the following:

– Brexit No Deal is looking more than likely

– The British Monarchy showing great signs of instability

– Interest rate cuts are on the way to boost the stagnant economy

3) Iran Vs USA – When do I short the Indicies?

– Where do I take Longs on Gold?

– Is it time yet to short the yen?

These are just some of the key trading opportunities that I shall be discussing on our private consultation within the next 7 days. Personally, I am trading the Euro-London Session @1:00 PM GMT till the end of them a month, so if you would like to book a time in post @1:00 PM GMT let me know as I can show you the opportunities that we will be trading over the next few weeks.


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