Trade Forex

Trade Forex

Good day to you fellow Forex Traders

What a beautiful start to the second half of the trading forex year, let us look at some of the basic fundamentals of how to trade forex today. Our first LTA after the summer doldrums with profits banked and stop at break even. Chart provided explaining exactly why we were looking at the trade forex from the fundamental and technical perspective. SMS text sent out to our clients, the order set along with an alert set - 15 to 20 Pips fx before the level.

  1. Short term shift in Governor Stevens comments giving us a fundamental bias
  2. Perfect chart
  3. Perfect entry level

Here is what was written on the live trading floor along with chart provided ahead of time

“TRADE FOREX A) Long AUD/USD @0.7350 or nearest buying zone with 35 pip fx stop, a target will be 0.7580

Now, do we need to do anything more than this? We're looking at a 230 pips forex trade; now, believe me, we are going to be doing this on a regular basis for the remainder of 2015. Trading bank supply and demand levels is a very lucrative way to trade forex when implemented correctly. The understanding of how the markets function and why certain price levels are important is a crucial part of trading success. Learn more about this in our Forex Trading UK Courses at Platinum Trading Academy. We have caught the very bottom of what is potentially the right shoulder of a reverse head and shoulders, this is called presumptive forex trading UK and something retail traders struggle with.  The Majority of Forex traders will wait for the right shoulder to form when the professionals are already in the trade forex and banking Pips. All our analysis is prepared Sunday with the charts drawn ready to be published Monday morning We plan all our forex trades on Sunday when the markets are closed and post early Monday morning, now how many of you plan your trades Sunday afternoon or even plan them at all. Professional trading is about pre-planning and when our plan created ahead of time falls it to the place we execute with such confidence and clarity there is no second-guessing. Most retail traders open the charts and then hunt for a trade forex, ultimately this type of trading ends up with inconsistent results because they have no plan, no methodology and have no understanding or presumptive trading, planning the trade ahead of time.

Please watch our trade of the day video from yesterday to gain a greater understanding of the trade an to learn how to trade forex.