Will Fed increase the interest rate even by 0.10% by July ?

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I am finding this increasingly difficult to believe that Yellen is struggling to increase the interest after a full year of promises in 2015. They had to do something for 2015 so in the end after several years of Zirp ie zero percent interest rate policy. The data we got out of the us is relatively Good.I mean the world is expecting interest rate increases. We are only talking about 0.25% and that will not affect Main Street. So why are the interest rate increases not happening ?I always come back to the same position having gone around and around. I wanted to just see if we had any good fundamental views out there ? Read our forex blog at Platinum Trading Academy for more forex trading updates.

I am tired of what we called experimental finance, these are the individuals that are supposed to be taking care of the economy and making decisions that affect millions of individuals…The way we are going it seems like there is one possibility to resolve the longer term monetary issues that is QE…Would they dare…time will tell any views on the interest rate increase would be appreciated.
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