Why the Platinum Trading Academy?

Our Structured Financial Trading Courses will assist you in achieving the following: Creating a Secondary Income; Being your own Boss; Achieving Financial Stability; Planning your Retirement Fund; Scaling your Business up or down; Securing your future, and Achieving Financial Freedom.

Our courses have been designed, developed, and are regularly reviewed by veteran traders working on some of the biggest trading floors in the world, such as the New York Stock Exchange, the Chicago Board of Exchange, and the London Stock Exchange. Some of our Elite Forex Trading Students are now either working for some of the major banks, or have set up their own Hedge Funds.

Our Forex Trading Academy is established in the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Dubai, India and we are now venturing into Barcelona. With thousands of students trained over the last 8 years, and over 50 years of Forex Trading Experience, our strong support system and disciplined approach can only enhance and reaffirm your capabilities to succeed in the Financial Trading Industry.

Our Courses

  • Trading for Beginners
  • Master Course
  • Elite Course
  • Generation X

The areas that we will cover include: :

  • What is Forex?
  • How to Start Forex Trading
  • Learn to Trade Forex News Events
  • Basics of Forex Analysis
  • Setting up your Forex Trading System
  • Placing Live Trades on your First Demo Account
  • Forex Strategies used by Banks
  • Forex Trading Plan
  • Forex Trading Live with your Mentor

Platinum Foundation package

The advantages you’ll get from taking this course include: :

  • Live Forex Trading Floor
  • Private Mentor Providing One to One Training
  • Forex Trading System for 12 Currency Pairs
  • Forex Strategies for Extreme Scalping
  • Institutional Forex Trading Strategies
  • Money Management Techniques
  • Trade the London Open Live with our Daily FX Webinars
  • Forex Signals via Platinum SMS Alerts
  • 10 Private Currency Trading Tutorials

You’ll also learn Advanced Forex Trading Strategies; the Forex News Trading Strategies used by banks; Seasonal Analysis and Strategies used by hedge funds; Money Management And Hedging Strategies; and advanced Forex Technical Analysis, as well as how to use Commodities and Indices to predict Currency Moves; how to create automated Forex Trading strategies; how to predict the price of currencies through our Currency Intelligence Map; and how to trade all major and minor trading sessions. These modules cover every skill necessary to be able to trade with absolute confidence. Once you complete this Forex Master’s Course, you’ll be given a live trading account with a start-up fund of £10,000. Get in touch with us now to learn more. Your journey to a consistently profitable trading career starts here and now!

Platinum Trading Academy Master’s Course

Below are a few areas we will cover:

  • Advanced Charting Techniques
  • Forex Strategies to Analyse Market Caps
  • The Importance of Institutional Order Flow
  • How Time Frames don’t Exist at the Institutional Level
  • Advanced Money Management Techniques
  • How to Allocate Risk across Multiple Funds
  • Co-relationships between Different Currencies, Commodities and Indices
  • Advanced Economic News Trading

Platinum Trading Academy Elite Course

Below are a few areas we will cover:

  • The Dimension Theory Of Freeing Yourself From The 9-to-5 In 95 Days
  • Change Of Perception And Wealth Creation
  • Generation X – Master The Financial And Crypto Markets
  • Build A New Revenue Stream
  • The Battle Plan: Reaching Your First 100K
  • The 90 Day Challenge – Mentoring You To Successes
  • Preparing For Your Platinum Journey
  • The Platinum Mindset

Generation X Package