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It is no secret that the oil and gas industry has been going through a season of change in recent years. The dwindling crude oil prices have meant oil and gas jobs, and offshore drilling jobs have become scarce leaving workers feeling financially insecure. This latest employment estimate is that 160,000 Gas and Oil workers are employed, lower than the peak of more than 460,000 offshore jobs in 2014. It has involuntarily led many companies to have to let go of valuable employees in record numbers. The core offshore workforce (those spending more than 100 days offshore per year) decreased by 18 percent in 2016, and there has been a steady decline in oil and gas job vacancies as companies downsize.

An RGU Oil and Gas Institute report suggests that 80,000 workers are expected to leave the industry by 2035. Ambiguity in Oil and Gas jobs can put enormous pressure on families back home. Contracting has become the new norm in light of this challenge for gas and oil workers.  A more time-consuming working pattern has emerged that has increased the number of workers who are reliant working as and when they are needed. This increases the doubt and worry of families reliant on this industry.

The continual downfall in oil prices means that numerous companies have been forced to encourage remaining staff to do more work, leading to workers agreeing to work longer hours and spend much less time at home for the sake of their oil careers. It can be difficult for families to juggle this work-life balance. Working in the oil and gas industry often requires a great deal of travel with workers going months without seeing their friends or family. Working offshore can make it difficult to have a normal social life and workers miss out often. Oil and gas offshore jobs do not readily afford a healthy balance between work and family life for many.

A constructive relationship between work and family life is so important as it’s associated with job fulfillment, a bigger commitment to success, and greater family satisfaction. When you have more time at home to spend with your family, you are then much more likely to feel ready to work hard at your job. Happier families take time to grow but this, in turn, leads to you being happier overall.


The Solution for those Seeking Oil and Gas Jobs

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