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Hey everybody a quick market update for those who are interested to learn to trade, for those who are not just take me as your new Platinum News Presenter 🙂

*WTI sitting at 29$ will it make another attempt higher, we at Platinum are looking to short crude on the touch of beautiful daily trend line this could be a 500 point easy trade. When this comes into play will surely let you know if you want a pm from me please let me know if I have the time shall surely do this for you .

*After four  days of rising markets we saw a  a fall in Asian markets of around  1.3% this morning. Personally I just believe these are retracements and wont be long before Nisha the Bear trader comes out to short dax, S&P & the Dow…Be careful to future’s and indices traders dont try and fight the trend remember the old saying

” Bears make Money , Bulls make Money and the Pigs Get slaughtered.

* We have the fomc minutes today at 19:00 GMT. What will yellen say…Dont think about it what we at Platinum Trading Academy are predicting that yellen will not increase or say anything even close to hawkish with regards to interest rates…. So step back until tomorrow… Feel free to check out our extreme zone Strategy which tells you exactly when to buy and sell in the currency markets ..

Here is a link for those who are interested in knowing more about our extreme zone strategy there is a video attached.

learn to trade

Learn to trade using Platinum’s trading strategies

Platinum Trading Systems employs five institutional strategies for trading the Forex markets. Each one of these strategies can be followed by anyone once training has been completed. We will show you how to trade like a true professional and how to implement a trading style that is disciplined, structured and focused.

*Gold my favourite pair in the world . We at Platinum are looking to buy gold around the 1125$… So keep an eye on this figure…

Here is video from one of our senior mentors Mr Arron Uppal and can he trade or can he trade.

Gold Trade 1740 Points on one trade

The European markets have opened higher this morning be weary of stop hunts on dax…

Hope you enjoy my update, any questions at all please feel free to message me.

Have a great trading day

Truly yours

Nisha Patel

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