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My Posts are pretty generic and if you have any questions please feel free to message me or email me. Why am I up so early in the morning as I like to be ahead of the game. I predominantly trade the London and European open so I have to be ahead of the game. This is essentially a part of my forex trading strategies.

Key Points that I am looking for today :

A ) Today we have a bank holiday in the US so the markets will be thin or what we call low liquidity.So beware Stop hunters will be on the troll for the newbie traders in the currency game my advice is simple when in doubt stay out or you use the Platinum End of Day strategy. If you have any questions about this please feel free to send me and message here on linked in or email me and I shall get back to you as soon as time permits.

B) We have Super Mario Draghi Speaking at 14:00 GMT and lets see what kind of surprise he bring to the table. I am still bearish fundamentally on the euro even though we have a bullish technical breakout. Be careful trading the eur when you have fundamental speeches out as this can often screw the technical patterns, charts and views.I am looking to short the euro around the 1.1380 price with a 35 Pips stop loss and a 100 fx Pips target.

C) We have Aussie dollar and the Kiwi both in a very tight trap range again this is just pure buying and selling at tops and bottoms. Guess what you could do is set and forget this to with just 20 Pips stops..

D) The yen is now in retracement mode so lets see how long it is before Kurodo and his gang of merry men intervene again ….For now will be watching the 115.50 area for shorting.

E) The Swiss franc has broken its bullish trend and now is in bear mode…Looking for a short when or if it comes back to parity will let you know when I take this particular trade.

For now shorts are on..

I will issue a separate post for trading the usd/cad as its a bit more complex than you think due to its direct co-relation with oil.

Just remember if you are reading my post for the first time anyone can learn to trade if you have the right mentor ..If you have any questions regarding forex trading strategies, feel free to ask

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