Trading Methodology

Hello fellow traders that follow this blog,

Hope you are all having a beautiful day!  As I discussed when I joined Platinum that I will post my results of trading with the Platinum Trading Methodology and the time has come.

So as most of you know that I have been with Platinum Trading Academy for the last 5 months now full time but I started learning from the CEO himself for over one year. I accepted my position with Platinum on the basis that I would get trained as an Elite Trader. The last four months that I have traded according to the rules have achieved the results that I am about to show you today. When you are trading like a professional trader, one of the major key elements of success is managing risk and not consistently looking for profitability in a day. Believe it or not that is a by-product in this instance. It is not the number of trades that make you a  Profitable trader on the contrary what I learnt here is its about the quality of trades that you take that makes you a successful trader. Without diverting away from the main subject, I was set the challenge when I joined Platinum to not lose more than 3% of the total equity assigned to me and my results speak for themselves. I was told that if I can trade without losing more than 3% over the next 6 months I would get a ticket to the HF World.

So why write about my success on blog! Would I have written on here if I had failed? Absolutely! As you can see from my previous articles that I am not at all worried about failing and if I was, I would not be showing live trades on blog by spending several hours. The matter of the fact is if you believe in positivity and success then don’t be afraid of other individuals as you can only judge how truthful you are… Moving Forward

I have been writing blog articles for over 4 months now and have been writing trading articles to assist quite a lot of people that follow the work I do and always get asked. What is your objective in writing and sharing? It’s simple, I want to put my money where my mouth is and show you what I have learnt actually works. All my trades were given prior to time on this blog with the technical analysis and the logic behind taking trades, 50% of my work was shared on LinkedIn as I truly believe the value is showing people that follow me. What I mean to say is in a nutshell is that I truly believe in the Platinum Trading Methodology and the work that I do alongside this wonderful ethical company.

I thank the team of analysts at Platinum for working so hard with me to ensure my success and the results are as follow.

  1. Total Trades  33
  2. Total Profit Trades  29
  3. Total Loss Trades  4
  4. Maximum Draw Down 2.05%

The track record has been developed over 84 days.

Trading Methodology

What does all the above mean? Basically, I have a profitability ratio of 87.88%

The money obviously means something but in this case consistency is this key.

The financial products that I have traded are Euro, Yen, Swissy, Cad, Cable and Kiwi from and FOREX perspective and Gold and Silver from a Commodity Perspective.

My target for the end of year is to keep below 3% on my Drawdown level and not drop below 78% Profitability.

I have been very selective in the trades that I have taken and held my positions for several days on end. At Platinum, there are over 15 strategies that I have learnt and my results are just by trading of the End of Day and Longer Term Trades with market caps.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article today. As always if you wish to learn more about my trading record or the above-mentioned strategies please send me a message.

Please do not send me messages with no substance as I am a human being who thrives on positivity.

Patience is the key for being a successful trader and I believe that in the coming year I will be on my way to running my very own hedge fund.

As Always, thank you for all your positive comments and encouragement, where I can help I always will endeavour to do my best using Platinum Trading Methodology.

Have a beautiful trading week!

Nisha Patel