How to increase your performance by 1% a day every day

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The reason you are reading this article is because you genuinely want to be a better person and want to learn better forex strategies and that is what I strive for every day. So thank you for taking the time to read this small but humble article written through my experience.

On a daily basis there are so many different traders I talk to via email ,phone etc.  and they are all have different aspiration’s and levels of success they would like to achieve. I must say that I have learnt so much over the last several years all the way from CEO’s and Manager to the elders in my family which enables me to have a respectable insight into the theory of success. I am instantly curious behind the reason of anyone that is successful and that is one of my characteristics.

There is no limit to what can be achieved but there is a limitation of the mind that says I will do this tomorrow. Don’t get me wrong I do not think like this all the time and have my own moments but I definitely get back on the right side of the game.

I say this almost all the time to both, staff and colleagues all more important to myself I must increase my performance by 1% every single day. I am enlisting the main mental and physical attributes that you need to achieve to be able to improve by 1% there may be many more but these are the forex strategies that stick out to me.

1.Learn 5 new words a day and implement them in your life

In life we do almost everything except feed our brain with the correct information, well let’s begin with learning 5 new words every single day and make this a part of our daily routine  if you even remember a fraction of the words that you learn over the period of a month you will guaranteed increase yourself as an individual by 1%.

A very simple website to help you

2.Always make your job more exciting and challenging :

We go to work for 8 to 9 hours a day and if we go with the same attitude that we had on last Monday how can you expect anything to be different. You cannot expect a different result  if you do the same thing again and again every day,

First of all you are the most important asset to to the firm you work for no matter what level you are at because you were personally hired to assist the company you are with. They needed you to enable for them to perform with consistency. So when you walk into work no matter what your position is think that the place you work at is your own business.


Setting a daily goal at work is so crucial as this is what you should be look forward to achieving, if you cannot set any goal there is a serious issue with what you are doing because all goals not not have to be directly work related, but will give you some examples…

-If you are a manager concentrate on the most weakest people and try and see their success as your success and be determined to make them succeed by the end of the week or even increase their performance by a certain percentage

-If you are a Sales individual promise yourself that this is going to be the ultimate week and start thinking outside the box don’t just sit there
with the same leads, think of three ideas and try and implement them to make
you feel alive at work.

-If you are in IT, it’s a desk job right so what Aim to say that this week I will concentrate on all the most hardest problems or tasks I have even if it means raising several tickets with the Service or software licence providers. What I am trying to say here is Challenge yourself for the week. We have all been there we have all the back log work that no one wants to work on take it up as a challenge.

I could go on and on here but my basic point is the challenge should be set prior to time. This will also show your determination as the CEO remember you are the CEO of the company when you walk into your job. Dress to impress and show them that I have my challenge and am here to take the highest position available.

3)Get some physical exercise even if it is for 15-20 mins.

All of us are guilty including myself we keep saying we want to go to the gym and need to start as soon as possible but we just fail to pack that bag and get going. Trust me you will feel like a different person even if you take a brisk walk. Why is the Exercising not a part of your daily work routine. You all have lunch a minimum of 45 mins right. If you don’t… contact me and I shall have a word with your boss.

You should look forward to the 45 mins lunch break and use at to treat yourself.  Even if it is a 30 min walk round the block do it give your mind something new to look at almost everyone has a smart phone now a days. Download something called duolingo which is a language learning app and walk for 30 mins..Imagine this in a months’ time you could be a Spanish seniorta or an Italian walking back to the office and being 10 times healthier.

4)Reading and Learning never ends.
No matter what you do in life we need to keep learning new forex day trading strategies, the internet era has changed quite a lot of the way we receive and implement knowledge.
Any chosen profession has core skills such as below:
-VERBAL COMMUNICATION: Able to express your ideas clearly and confidently in speech
-TEAMWORK: Work confidently within a group
-COMMERCIAL AWARENESS: Understand the commercial realities affecting the organisation.
-ANALYSING & INVESTIGATING: Gather information systematically to establish facts & principles. Problem solving.
-INITIATIVE/SELF MOTIVATION :Able to act on initiative, identify opportunities & proactive in putting forward ideas & solutions
-DRIVE: Determination to get things done. Make things happen & constantly looking for better ways of doing things.
-WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: Able to express yourself clearly in writing
-PLANNING & ORGANISING: Able to plan activities & carry them through effectively
-FLEXIBILITY: Adapt successfully to changing situations & environments
-TIME MANAGEMENT: Manage time effectively, prioritising tasks and able to work to deadlines.

What is the reason we say that individuals say there job is boring. Anyone that says that their job is boring is because they chose to make it boring once you get above 90% in all the above it is impossible for you not get promoted because you would have increased not only your own performance but your company performance as well. How do you improve your core skill by just watching skill related you tube video’s or downloading eBooks. Trust me once you have got your core skill in check you will be so confident that you will start working on your secondary skill sets directly affect the performance of your career and profession.

5) Stay away from negativity:

Negative individuals and environments create a negative day , week and month’s In clear words walk away do not become a part of the toxic environment as this can start to affect you both mentally and then that in turn will affect you physically. If you notice any negativity do not join this environment by involving yourself in the negativity instead, slowly remove yourself and take a brisk walk if you do this a couple of times you will become like a polar opposite to negativity.

6)Treat yourself:

At the end of the week please write down what you have achieved and make a mental note if the week was more successful or not and what can be done to improve your forex strategies. Treat yourself for doing all the above.

I want to wish all of you such a beautiful week ahead and want every single person that has taken the time to read this article’s forex strategies to get ready for the most successful days of their life to come from today onwards.

This is my very first personal article, if there are any mistake I ask for forgiveness in advance. My Next Article personal article will be about my personal journey from finance to business.

Hope this article helps you in some form or manner with devising forex strategies.

Warm Sunday Regards

Nisha Patel

Platinum Trading Academy