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Hi Traders,

My Simplistic view on the Dow Jones is right in front of your eyes. I have seen so many emails regarding the Dow and questions regarding where will this monster stop, well time for me to reveal my thoughts at Platinum Blogs.

I believe the Dow Jones best entry to short is around the 17385 level with a stop around 17585. Justification of entry and stop loss and target.

A) The stop-loss has been placed at 17585 due to this being the top of a three crows formation. Also, this would be enough room for a stop hunt in my opinion and this well above the descending trend line.

B) The entry for this trade@ 17385 is exactly matching up with the descending trend line and we have a supply level +fib confluence and resistance.

C) My Target for the move @16750 is plain and simple, bottom of the trap range and 50% Retracement + Demand Level + Structure Support and previous resistance

D) My Risk and reward: I am risking 200 pips to gain 635 fx trading Pips. So if you were trading at £10 a point you would be risking £2000 how to make a profit in forex of £6350. All in just one trade.

Please trade at your own discretion

Best of luck with your trades and keep reading Platinum Blogs for the latest forex updates.

Nisha Patel

Platinum Trading Academy

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