The Extreme Zone Strategy 98% Success Rate

Extreme Zone Strategy

Hello Traders,

What a great week it’s been!

Thank you for your continued support and engagement on all social media platforms. We have had some great introductions to new members because of all your support.

What can I say? Is has been one of the craziest elections in the US so far. I am sure there will be more twists and turns to come in the closing days. As long term followers would know, I am one of the senior traders here at Platinum Trading Academy and I wanted to bring to your attention Platinum’s Extreme Zone Strategy.  Personally, this is my favourite Simple Trading Strategy as it is operating at an amazing 98% success rate.

This strategy can be used:

  1. In any given market condition.
  2. In any Fundamental Event.
  3. In any political Event.
  4. In any technical Event.

No matter what the event or condition is, you can just set, forget and take 20 Pips or more with a 98% success rate.

On 1st of November 2016, we observed that the Markets were beginning to rethink their long-held bets of a victory for the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton amid signs her Republican rival Donald Trump could be closing the gap, forcing money out of riskier assets and into safe-havens such as the Japanese yen and gold.

Investor anxiety has deepened in recent sessions over a possible Trump victory given the uncertainty on the Republican candidate’s stance on several issues including foreign policy, trade relations, and immigrants, while Clinton is viewed as a candidate of the status quo. This is due to political uncertainty as Trump is up on the polls. Due to this compelling reason, we canceled all trades as the dollar was falling through the floor.

The Extreme Zone Strategy will tell you exactly where the forex market will stop and reverse at the end of the range. The algorithm calculates the ranges of 12 currencies over the last 15 years and gives you market reversals. This algorithm also takes into consideration the commercial buying from a commitment of the trader’s report.

We can’t wait to show you what is working for us!

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