Employment in the Oil and Gas Industry is it getting harder or not?

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A part of my job is market research in my spare time about different employment sectors and one I was very intrigued about was the oil and gas sector. This is my topic of discussion in this time’s forex trading blog.

The main reason for me to be intrigued is because I trade oil and the Canadian dollar for a fund and have been doing so for quite some time with success due to the inverse relationship.

With the trading aside I started looking at our client base here at Platinum and started seeing a bit of a change in our clientele and a new flow of clients that have started to trade the financial markets.

So why am I posting in this section? Because of an article that I have read today by a recruitment specialist and it said the following:

I will share the source at the end of my article but these were the lines that caught my eye:

Job hunters are being advised not to tell prospective employers they work in the oil industry or live in Aberdeen – if they don’t want their CVs to go the bottom of the pile.

The claim comes from Aberdeen based recruitment specialist who has set up a jobs group to help people who have been made redundant as a result of the oil price crash.

Colin Rawlinson who has 40 years recruitment experience and who has supplied oil and gas engineers and technicians to companies said: “People are telling me there’s a lot of prejudice.

It does seem that some people are finding it hard to find work elsewhere once people know they worked in oil and gas.

This is the line that I disagree from the article:

“It does seem that some people are finding it hard to find work elsewhere once people know they worked in oil and gas”

Personally, the clients from the oil and gas sector that I have seen at Platinum Trading Academy are actually more dedicated than the average clients due to the nature of adjustment.

My personal thoughts say if they stay away from their family and work in solace offshore they become very intellectually independent.

Also they are used to controlling the emotional roller coaster and can deal with trading emotions much better.

Can they adjust to other environments? Absolutely! I say this without a doubt. On the contrary, in my opinion individuals that are employed in the oil and gas sector would be a true asset and would require minimal technical training due to their strategic way of working of carrying out specialist jobs.

I believe all individuals that work in any job or profession get comfortable and that can be any sector and it would take a bit of time to do something totally different.

(need some more content here I know what I am trying to say but am bit tired lol)

With regards to the price of oil where will it go and how will it affect the industry for me. it’s simple.

Technically I doubt we shall see the price of oil go above $55 by the end of the year.

From a supply and demand perspective, what can I say? Just even studying the last 9 months of inventory we are either in excess or just on par with the expected.

Iran sanctions don’t help.

Am I trying to project doom and gloom here for the Oil and gas sector? Absolutely not!

I do however believe that having an additional skill set alongside your profession which not only helps you make what you are making in your jobs today. Read more on forex trading at our forex trading blog at Platinum Trading Academy.