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Our Platinum Forex Blog contains the latest forex tips and tricks for you to start your journey in currency trading. Misleading forex webinars from non-professional forex traders can confuse a lot of FX traders on which forex trading strategies to use.

With our trading blogs, you can get up to date news, top FX trading indicators, technical analysis and the latest FX charts that will give you currency forecasts from top financial trading professionals with over 45 years of trading experience.


Our Free Online Forex Trading Course enables you to learn to trade without going to expensive seminars or webinars. A new forex trader can easily fall in the trap of visiting FX forums or learning to trade by following free forex signals. One of the main reasons for us to write our blogs is to introduce trading strategies, free forex education, and trading setups for both short term and long-term trading while also making fundamental analysis easy for our subscribers.

If you subscribe to our Financial Trading Blogs you will get the latest information delivered to your mailbox every Tuesday. If you would like to speak to one of our traders, then please sign up below for one of our personal trading consultations and let us begin your journey to financial freedom!

At Platinum, We have a team of 15 Professional Forex Traders that have been involved in the foreign exchange market/forex markets for over 18 years. Through our forex blogs, we try to enrich your knowledge on how to profit from currency trading via the major and minor currency pairs. We bring you the latest information on the forex brokers and the financial markets. We discuss subjects such as where to get started in the fx markets and which brokers and trading systems to use to enhance your trading. Risk Warning: Always use Brokers Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.