Another Amazing Week for Platinum Trading

Good Morning All,

What an amazing week we had last week and hope you all enjoy reading this trading blog!

Our Platinum clients had an easy ride in the forex market last week and really discovered the power of what we do here at Platinum. In a week with NFP and an American bank holiday, we still collected 60 Pips with no losses. And also closed out our trade on the USD/CAD for 240 Pips.

Let’s review what we wrote on the Platinum Live trading floor ahead of time before the trades had triggered.

Trading Blog Weekly Review:

Monday 29th June two trades triggered

IMPORTANT SELLING TRADING ZONE FOR EUR/USD 1.1130 PERFECT MATCH. Price dropped 30 Pips easily covering the 20 pip target

IMPORTANT SELLING TRADING ZONE FOR GBP/USD 1.5770 PERFECT MATCH.  At present this is 190 Pips from the entry not bad for a 20 pip stop that’s a 9.5 to 1 risk to reward

Tuesday 30th June,

No trades triggered

Wednesday 1st July

IMPORTANT SELLING TRADING ZONE FOR USD/CHF 0.9435 PERFECT MATCH, Price dropped 30 Pips easily covering the 20 pip target

Thursday 2nd July

Thursday was NFP and all trades were cancelled by 12:45. This is probably one of the biggest areas that people don’t realize the importance of knowing when to stay out and protecting capital rather than getting chopped up in the volatility as most retail traders tend to do.

Friday 3rd July

We recommended all trades be shut down by 11:30 am due to the Bank holiday in America. Just for you to feel even more confident in Platinum’s analysis, the important zone for GBP/USD worked out beautifully rallying 35 Pips off the zone later on in the afternoon at 15:45.

Trading Review Conclusion:

So a grand total of 60 Pips with no losses for taking 10 to 15 minutes in the morning to reading the floor, placing your orders and reading this blog. I think you have to admit that’s a pretty good risk to reward for your time versus returns.

If you wish to know more please book in for a free consultation to discuss the amazing opportunities provided by trading the markets.

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