5 Signs You Are Addicted To Trading

trading addiction

Trading Addiction

Trading can be addictive; the thought of making more money, getting that big trade and being successful forex trader at something that not many people often are. These are all traits of a good trader, but it’s when these traits begin to take over the trader’s life that being a hard worker become being an addict. Below are some signs that you might have a trading addiction; read through them and see if they apply to you.


Get a High Off Of Big Investment Wins

Making money gives you a natural high and for some people, that isn’t a problem. Trading can give you that adrenaline rush every time you win a trade. It’s when you make bigger and bigger bets just to get that rush where you become addicted.

Spending Too Many Hours Trading

With the Forex market being open 24/5, it gives many traders the option of trading anytime, day or night. If you find yourself trading both day and night and losing sleep because you are spending too many hours trading, you could become addicted to it so much that it affects other aspects of your life.

Obsessing Over Stocks and Investments

Learning how to trade in forex and stock, is important to your trading success but focusing on this 24/7 is not good. Technology makes it easy for us to check on our investments and see how a particular stock is doing. It’s just not a good idea to be checking when you should be doing other things.

Hiding Trading Activity

If your family or friends think that you might have an addiction, you would think they are wrong and start hiding your trades from them so they don’t see them. If you do this, you are addicted and you should seek help. Anytime you are hiding something from others, you could have a problem.
Does any of these look familiar? If you feel that you might be addicted to trading, take some time away from it or cut back on how many hours per day you trade.